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ENEMK, founded in 2003, is an international export trading company specializing in the research and development and sales of electronic cigarette products. ENEMKs main business includes the research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of Enemk brand products in the United States, Britain, Europe, Australia, Russia and other countries. ENEMK aims to provide high quality and safe e-cigarettes to its customers through its core technology and capabilities across the industry chain. At the same time, ENEMK constantly improves the juvenile protection mechanism, with the help of technology and big data, all-round protection of the growth of minors.
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  • Contact:KK Chan
  • Mobile:+86-139 0299 7595
  • Address:No.803, Floor 8, Xinghe Building, No.100, Central Road, Shajing Street, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province,PRC.518105
  • Project:Electronic Cigarette

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ENE (Shenzhen) Industrial Co.,Ltd
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