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The general planner of WEIKA Technology is from Hong Kong, China. For many years, WEIKA has been focusing on the planning and design of new technology electronic atomization products, providing one-stop high-quality services from product research and development, appearance design, packaging planning, mass production and brand marketing. It is a processing base for well-known brands at home and abroad and a dream workshop for incubating brands!
Weike is founded on the customers pursuit of quality, the unique choice of packaging design, and the guarantee of product delivery.
Starting from the strict control of raw materials, Weika insists on using food grade raw materials. All products of Weika have passed the Chinese and European food safety certification, as well as the American Food Safety FDA certification.
In terms of product production, Weike introduced high-tech intelligent production equipment. From production to sub packaging, the whole process of system tracking and coordination is perfect and tacit. The process runs smoothly, efficiently and orderly to achieve daily efficient output. Weike pays attention to the details of each process. The 100000 level dust-free production workshop has passed the GMP food and drug production standard certification, with guaranteed quality and safety.
By selecting products with traceability system, we can not only effectively track and trace all kinds of data, but also ensure good product quality.
Weike provides the whole process services from design, development, manufacturing and marketing, from professional and practical services such as product outsourcing design to customized private brand marketing promotion plans, and can also build a promotion matrix through various platforms to achieve differentiated marketing goals.
Weike team creates the best quality with utmost ingenuity.
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  • Contact:Chen Junxi
  • Mobile:19926842683
  • Address:5F/3F West/6F West, Building B7, Tianrui Industrial Park, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
  • Project:Electronic cigarette R&D and production OEM/ODM
  • Brands:ZGAR

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