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Factory age: 3 Year
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HUISHUO was established in 2006
* Monthly Output :1Million PCS
* Main For Disposable / Pod System / MOD
"庄周梦蝶" is our Chinese brand,English brand is ZZM DIE
Origin of the "庄周梦蝶" Brand
"庄周梦蝶" derives from the classic philosophical work " Zhuangzi " written by Zhuangzi , a prominent figure in the Daoist school during the Warring States period . In this work , Zhuangzi presents a profound philosophical proposition . He skillfully employs his exquisite writing and romantic imagination to describe and explore the story of transforming into a butterfly in dreams and then , upon awakening , the butterfly becoming oneself .
Throughout history , people have been fascinated by butterflies not only because of their beautiful appearance and graceful flutter but also due to their embodiment of freedom , soul , and metamorphosis . Butterflies symbolize auspiciousness , joy , romance , and sweet love .
Core Competitiveness of "庄周梦蝶" Electronic Cigarettes :

1. The research and development team of electronic cigarettes has over 15 years of experience , having developed more than 1000 e - liquid flavors suitable for various consumer groups . Over the years , they have been supplying e - liquid to over ten electronic cigarette brands and have received unanimous praise from the industry .
2. They are one of the first manufacturers to enter the electronic cigarette industry in China and are among the few manufacturers with core research and development capabilities for electronic cigarettes .
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  • Contact:Mr Ke
  • Mobile:86 13802958681
  • Address:Room 1008,No.112, KexueA Avenue,Huangpu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province
  • Project:electronic cigarrets
  • Brands:庄周梦蝶

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Guangzhou Huishuo Environmental Protection Technology
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