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Shenzhen ECK Electronic & TechnologyCo.,LTD Located in Shajing, Shenzhen.

Founded in 2009, the companys main business is electronic cigarettes.

A medium-sized e-cigarette enterprise integrating product design, research and development, production and sales has a development team of 12 people.

It has 3 industry top design and development personnel and 10 foreign trade personnel. There are 3 domestic trade personnel and about 1800 employees. Plant area

20000 square meters.

After 13 years of development, the company has accumulated rich experience in the design, research and development, production and quality control of electronic cigarette products

Medium-sized customers have provided high-quality products and services, and the products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Russia.

In recent years, the trend of the electronic cigarette industry has changed. The secret of our invincible position is that we attach importance to research and development and quality,

We continue to deliver industry-leading technology and products with stable quality for customers, especially since 2020

The leading technology, excellent taste and stable quality of our products are another black horse in the industry

The company has rapidly grown from 200 to 1800.

We are confident to provide customers with industry-leading products, perfect quality services, strong quality assurance, and

Customers stand at the forefront of the industry.
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  • Contact:Mr. Huang
  • Mobile:+86 17898493119
  • Address:Room 101, Building C, Jinao Industrial Park, 150 Jingfang Road, Zhancheng Community, Fuhai Street, Bao an District, Shenzhen
  • Project:Disposable vape
  • Brands:KK

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